Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I'm trying my best...

I'm trying my best, I really am, but my "boss" won't leave me alone. Doesn't he know how hard this is? This is a scientific impossibility! And then there's Andy, playing Gears of War and reading Stephen King novels. He does nothing while I work my fingers to the bone. Then there are my dreams ... I'm not sleeping much lately.

This is what we are trying to re-create. It's been extinct for 250 million years! And he thinks I can do this in a few months?


Friday, November 17, 2006

My first blog post.

I'm playing with this system right now. I hope it works.We sequenced another seven mammalian genomes today. I really enjoy this process - I get to load up the machine, then play CHESS and drink a Dr. Pepper while it processes. I try to relax, but ideas are always popping into my head. Sometimes I type straight DNA sequencs, I can not explain what I want to do wiht words, but I type in code directly. My co-workers think I am weird.It is very cold here.

Sometime I wish I was back in my home country.