Thursday, February 8, 2007


Magnus lied to Claus about not coming. He came in like a tornado on Bobby's helicopter. I like Bobby. He and mister colding seem to be good friends. Andy the A-double-hole acted like he ran the lab, which irritated everyone, me included. I wish Andy had just stayed in his play room and left us alone. He actually did after Magnus gave him a present: a Playstation 3.

But it only got worse for me. Magnus hovered over me for at least an hour. He doesn't understand a word I say, due to my accent and the fact that he knows absolutely nothing about genetics. At one point he had his giant hands on the back of my chair while Claus was explaining why we... why we have only reached the point we are at in our work, and he pulls up on the back of my chair so hard I came up off the ground! I looked up at him, was going to tell him to stop, but his eyes scared me so. I ran out of the lab and came to my room. I cried until mister colding stopped in and told me Magnus had left. He brought me a doctor pepper too. He is so nice to me.

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