Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Police

I never listened to music much growing up. Not American music anyways. So I haven't had much experience with rock and roll. But mr. colding likes to show me things. It's like I'm a project for him... to make me more human and less geneticist (ha ha).

mr. colding knew I was still in a bad mood about Magnus, so he had me stay in the common room tonight and watch the beginning of The Grammies. He had me watch the band called The Police play a song. Apparently they were very famous for a few years and then broke up because they couldn't get along well enough to stick together. mr. colding told me the three men in the band used to fight all the time... just like me and claus and claudette.

I think mr. colding was trying to make an analogy; like us three are capable of doing great things together, even though we fight all the time. I hope he is right.

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