Wednesday, February 21, 2007

My Dreams

I hate dreams.

Ever since I began working as a geneticist, I have had nightmares. I dream of dolls, with animal parts. I dream of impossible creatures, some Frankenstein monsters that try to kill me over and over... even through I know in my heart that I have created these monsters myself.
Even though the work I do will help thousands of people every year, help them receive new organs, get a chance at a new life, it scares me too. I can zip and unzip strands of DNA to create new life. I can combine the DNA of different...

I'm sorry. I shouldn't be talking about this here. If Klaus knew what I was doing here, he would fire me... or worse.

But I know one reason I have these dreams. Because I have never made the time to have a family. Instead of a baby I dream of monsters. One day though, maybe I will have a baby. I can ask mr. colding to ... no, you dirty minds. I only need his DNA. I could hide things until it was too late for anyone to stop me. I am a big woman. I doubt anyone would notice me until I am ready to have the baby. HA HA

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