Monday, March 26, 2007


62.25% Embryo Viability...

Two weeks ago we were at 59.43%. Every new species, every set of mammalian DNA I add to my God Machine gets us closer to viability. Every percentage point gets us closer to the day that those cow macrophages accept our ancestor zygotes as bovine in nature--allowing us to implant our embryos into our cows. Every step gets us closer to creating these ancestors, animals with organs that we will be able to harvest and use in transplant surgeries now and forever.

My feet tingle at the possibilities. I have spoken about my tingle. Well I haven't told you my secret--the secret that had my feet tingling for a day and a half.

I'm encoding this post so Rhumkorff will not see it. Only you will see it.

I know a way to increase our viablity. I proved it earlier today. I can make it work. I destroyed the evidence, because it is my secret.

Rhumkorff blames me for losing lives every day. Not for much longer.

The last time Magnus was here, I told you about playing chess with him. I didn't tell you this part of it. Early on in the game he sacrificed his queen. It would have been a worthless move, but like I told you, I was scared for my life once I saw his arms... the bandages... I made sure I exposed my queen's bishop and knight, making his sacrifice worth it.

He knew I was throwing the game. He knew I was scared. Magnus is not a fool, not like Andy. Near the end, he asked me "Who said 'The end justifies the means?'" I said I thought it was Ovid. He smiled at me and said "I don't know who that is, but I have my own saying. 'Fuck 'em if they can't take it.'"

I hate Magnus Paglione. But he is right. I will break the rules if I have to, but I will ceate a viable zygote.


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Herr Creator said...

You can NOT talk about this information on your blog! You stupid, stupid woman! Do you think you are the ONLY ONE that knows how to work a computer? Typical Chinese hubris.