Friday, March 23, 2007

I'm sorry

I did not post yesterday. I was in bed asleep.

I had this dream. I was out in the snow. The monster was there again. This time it had a baby doll's head, a cow's body, the legs of a horse, and an alligator's tail. It sat in front of me. We faced each other in a game of ... what's it called when you stare without blinking?

I was going to win the game. But then P.J. was there. He placed a jacket around my shoulders and the monster was gone. I wasn't dreaming at all. I was really sitting outside. P.J. saw me walk out of the station's security doors on the security monitor. He saved me.

I hadn't slept in 75 hours. Rhumkorff got me good for blogging about him. I hate everything about his place now, except for P.J. and Teyshawn.

I go to work now.

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