Monday, March 5, 2007

Shiang Jing Ping...

I have been called Jing Chai (brilliant) many times during my life. Lately, though, Rhumkorrf only calls me Shiang Jing Ping (crazy). I can't help my dreams. I see animals that cannot exist. I see alligator heads, even though my machine has no DNA of alligators or crocodiles. We deal with animals that can lead us to the ancestor...

I talk too much. Ma Jung Hwa!!

My machine! Rhumkorff calls it the God Machine. I use it to build DNA. FAST. Unlike computers, that double processing speed every eighteen months, with my program on my God Machine I can build DNA sequences 200 times faster than any program on any bank of computers in the world. But I still have fears.

Oh, there's Andy at my door. I must shut down now. He is Sah Gwa (a moron), but he is not blind.

You are my friends. I have more to share with you. I feel my time is running out... in so many ways.

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