Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I been up 48 hours straight...

rhumkorff is crazy man. i have been entering dna sequences for four new mammals. he brings food and dr pepper to my desk every two hours. he yells at me, tells me i'm useless. i raised my voice once and he yelled for five minutes straight... tells me the project will fail and it will be my fault. he called me a fat waste. teyshawn stepped between him and me. he wouldn't say anything to stop him. just kept him from hitting me. he would not hit me, would he?

maybe he is right. maybe people dying because i am too slow. maybe ancestor is already in my machine, but the sequences i code by hand are causing too many issues. the cow macrophages won't allow the embryos to survive over five minutes now. i am missing something. i am patching together so many things. i hear the laughing from the corner. iseethemonster. he is there. i will ignore it. go away. i have work to do. you are not my friends. only rhumkorff reads my blog apparently. colding is my only friend. i will will sfvsdaasvb

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