Monday, March 19, 2007

Rhumkorff is Khu Wu!

Klaus thinks I cannot see his blog... thinks I am blocked by this silly firewall. He is despicable (khu wu). He is a... I don't know the word.

He is the type of person that takes credit for other people's hard work. True, he came up with the idea for the ancestor project. Instead of attempting to create a chimera, animals such as pigs combined with human DNA, creating new species of creatures that would possess organs that human immune systems might accept... Rhumkorff came up with the idea of going back to the beginning... the beginning of mammalian life... our ANCESTOR.

You see, the problem with chimeras is a simple one. You build a pig with human DNA, you end up exposing those proteins to simple pig viruses. Then boom, you get a simple virus that jumps species, and you have a human epidemic worse than AIDS ten times over.

But our ancestor, a mammal that would have enough of our genetic blueprint within its DNA... ah, that would be so much safer than building a chimera.

Rhumkorff's great idea. Bah. Without Overgard, the geneticist that has successfully brought back the qagga from extinction by altering the genes of its living cousin, the zebra... without my God Machine which allows us to extrapolate the genetic data from hundreds of different mammals as we attempt to recreate this Ancestor... Rhumkorff would be nothing more than a man with a crazy idea... a man that as Mister Colding would say "talks out of his ass hole."

Ha ha... I'd like to see that.

Ah, I remember the word now. helps me with my english... klaus is a megalomaniac.

I will beat this. I will prove to Klaus Rhumkorff that Lui Jiandan is more valuable than ten men.

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